Wirral Wheelers Cycling Club
Cycling UK Affiliation No: 90095292

The Wirral Wheelers Cycling Club
All rides Leave at 10:30 approximately.
Rider Level B Medium, C Easy (Ideal for beginners)
Chester -The Café On the Wall, Lower Bridge St
Chester Eureka - Two Mills
Nets - Burton Point

All runs are subject to prevailing weather conditions and may be cancelled by the designated runs leader.

N.B. Will all riders please note that they participate in the club activities at their own risk, and no responsibility can be accepted for any claim due to the negligence of the club or its members.
Cycling with us in a group is safe providing simple safety rules are followed.

Please take time to familiarise yourself with a few notes

Group awareness and communication are key elements to cycling safely in a group.

Non-members are welcome on our rides.


A cycle in good working order.
Puncture repair kit, spare inner tube a few basic tools are always handy
Front and rear lights on winter and evening rides.
Clothing & Footware that will be suitable for the weather conditions.
High visibility clothing and cycle helmets are advisable but not compulsory.
Adequate food drink & Money for the day's ride.
Each rider should carry emergency contact details so that the leader can contact next of kin in the event of an accident.


If you are new to the group introduce yourself to the leader.
The ride leader will give the new member an explanation of the proposed route at the start of the ride.
Anyone leaving the ride should notify the leader.
Comply with the Highway Code, showing consideration for all road users.
The group may ride two abreast when it is safe to do so, but should single out on narrow or busy roads.
Never overtake or overlap to the left of the cyclist in front.
When stopping for a repair the group should not obstruct junctions.
Ride smoothly and do not slow or stop suddenly without warning, When following another rider, keep your hands on the handle bars and ready to use the brake levers and be ready to slow down or stop without notice.
Shout or signal warnings of danger, e.g. Hole, Glass, Gravel, Car Behind, Stopping etc. Do not rely on the rider in front to warn you of a hazard. He/she may not have seen it.
On shared cycle paths/footpaths make yourself heard when passing pedestrians. A bell is advisable but not compulsory.
Always check behind before starting off or changing direction. When turning, signal early and clearly.
The ride leader should regularly check that all riders are keeping up with the group. If not he/she should reduce the speed of the ride and/or regroup at appropriate points.
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